Start A Group

New Year // New Groups

Why start a group?

Everything in life revolves around relationships — everything. The most important relationship is a personal relationship with our heavenly Father through His Son Jesus Christ, but let us not be so heavenly high that we are of no earthly good. Aside from our relationship with christ, relationships are covenant commitments to live with others, to become connected with others in a basic Christian community. A church should be large enough to celebrate while remaining small enough to care.

In Acts 20:20, Paul's vision was "to preach the message in public (large-group worship) and to teach the message from house to house (small-group community)". Each group has its own personality, but all have the same purpose. They provide: A place to connect with others at The Light, a place to relate and “do life” together, and a place to grow in your walk with the Lord.

How to start a group

If you're interested in starting group just sign up below! Fill out all the information and Pastor Michael will be in contact with you. When you get to the last section of the form it will ask you "What type of group would you like to start?" this is simply asking, what do you want your group to be focused on? It could be families, women, adults only, softball, yoga, running, book club, ect. The greatest part about groups is that we get to do life together and doing life together should be centralized around a common interest. So don't be afraid to venture out, if you and two more people all want to start a women's only golf it!

*Please note: We go by the "two plus you" approach for groups. All you need to start a group is to have you and two others in agreement, it's that simple.